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类型:剧情  英国  2014 

主演:斯蒂芬·弗雷 Simon Bell Alessia Kockel 



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Hidden Kingdoms is an innovative new series from the BBC's Natural History Unit. For the first time it takes the viewer into a unique and unexplored miniature world, immersing you into the action-packed lives of the planet's smaller animals.Based in six of the planet’s most iconic landscapes: the open plains of Africa’s savannah, Arizona’s desert, the forests of Borneo, the woodlands of North America and the urban jungles of Rio and Tokyo. We’ll experience and see these habitats from a new visual perspective, pushing between blades of grass will feel like journeying deep into the densest jungle, while running from a hunting lizard will feel like a visit to Jurassic Park.This is a different approach to a traditional wildlife series. Based entirely on biologically accurate behaviour, it employs a unique range of filming techniques and constructed storytelling to recreate these animals' own distinctive perspectives and to illustrate the dynamism of their lives.Journey behind the scenes with Hidden Kingdoms to explore some of the techniques used to create this unique viewpoint, and why they were so important when revealing behaviour never before filmed



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